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BVZ Radio - “The Voice of Behrend” embodies the essence of college radio; edgy, daring, and exciting.  We began offering our brand of innovative programming during our live launch on November 11, 2011.

The station is managed by a student team under the supervision of Tom Deau. All of the shows on BVZ are created and produced by students who play a variety of music in a freeform style not heard on commercial radio. 

Our unique programming includes musical generes such as Rock, R&B, Alternative, Inspirational, Classical, Hip-Hop/Rap, Dance, Country and Soundtrack.  We also offer sports talk shows.

BVZ often does live remote broadcasts at events on the Behrend Campus and in the Erie Area.

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BVZ Radio Outside Studio

Meet the Crew

Meet the on-air personalities who bring you the best voice on the airwaves.

Monique Lebrun

Station Manager, Host of "Hip Hop and Heels"

Joe Rock

Music Director, Host of "Gas Pedal"

Rayna Ganabathi

PR & Events Director, Host of "The Indie-an Show"

JT Sanders

PR & Events Director, Host of "Music Daily"

DJ Eno

Webmaster, Host of "The Movement"

Jordana Elder

Program Director, Host of "The Scoop"

Nicole Greene

Host of "Hip Hop and Heels"

Ethan Buckley

Host of "The Drop," "Hot Mess," and "Rocky Road"

Gabby Ross

Host of "Rocky Road"

Justin Vink

Host of "The Vink"

Brian McKay

Host of "Psalms and Songs" and "Just the Songs"

Auda Kontroll

Host of "Rebel Girl Radio"

Molly Beth Black

Host of "Psalms and Songs"

Catherine Barclay

Host of "The Scoop"

Miko Breski

Host of "Musical ADD"

Marcus Needham

Host of "Good Vibrations"

Daleth Holley

Host of "Underground Lighthouse"

Jonathan Pallini

Host of "Press Start to Play"

Zach California

Host of "Gas Pedal"

John Turfitt

Host of "Gas Pedal"

Anna Watterson

Host of "Hot Mess"

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